All-Air & Electric Web Guide Systems

Coast Controls creates and custom builds web guide systems to suit virtually any application. Our goal is to find a solution in your converting industry.

Let us help you reach your optimum production.

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Introduce Yourself to an All-Air Web Guide System

Since 1992, Coast Controls has been a pioneer in the converting industry by offering the world's only All-Air web guiding systems. Our web guides operate exclusively on low pressure air without the use of electricity, electronics, or hydraulics. Coast Controls also offers an unparalleled 10-year warranty.

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Introducing Electric Web Guides

Coast Controls is pleased to offer a complete line of electric web guiding systems in addition to the precise and durable All-Air systems. The new electromechanical systems offer Coast Controls the ability to serve our customers for virtually all applications.

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Retrofit Your Web Guide to an all-air system

Are you tired of fried circuit boards, burned out motors, leaky hydraulics, obsolete spare parts, needless downtime, etc? Let’s do something about it today.

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Idler Rollers

Coast Controls makes 3 types of rollers for your machines: Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel. Each type of roller comes in a number of coatings which allows us to make a specific roller for your need. Below you'll find helpful information about our rollers. You can also give us a call to discuss your idler roller needs: 941-355-7555

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