Take Advantage of Our Years of Experience to Benefit Your Company

Coast Controls Manufactures the World’s Only All-Air Driven Web Guiding System

Coast Controls was established by two brothers who came from a line of inventors, entrepreneurs and dreamers, William C. and Douglas G. Fife. Their father invented the first web guide in his garage no less!

After learning the trade and many years of web guide experience, they opened a state-of-the-art facility in sunny Sarasota, Florida in 1992, where everything is designed, engineered, assembled, and tested onsite by a dedicated team of professionals.

We strive to aid the converting industry with our top of the line technology in an everchanging world. Because of that, Coast Controls produces the ONLY web guiding equipment entirely powered by air. Using low-pressure air means no electricity, no electronics, no hydraulics. Which also makes them inherently explosion-proof. And it can operate with pinpoint accuracy!

We stand by our All-Air Web Guiding equipment so strongly that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee AND a 10-year warranty.

But that’s not all we offer. We also manufacture a line of electronic web guiding systems with a 3.5-inch LCD interface with superb reaction time, auto-correction, and a 1-year warranty.

We believe in productivity. Therefore, we feel web guides should be efficient, cost-effective, easy, and safe to use, and simple to install.

Customers constantly tell us that our machines are highly accurate, extremely durable, and fail-safe. We could not ask for better praise!

Kyle Koontz has worked for Coast Controls since 2006 and has been the proud owner and President of Coast Controls since 2019.


Coast Controls’ Guiding Systems Work with Several Industries

Coast Controls’ all-air converting equipment works with a wide range of materials such as cloth, paper, plastic film, and label stock. Because of this, our guiding systems have become integral to the operation of many converting industries, including:

Many equipment manufacturers incorporate our products into their machines. Coast Controls web guides have been adapted to various web processing lines, such as paper and plastic bag machines, envelope machines, multi-wall tubers, packing machines, printing presses, laminators, slitter machines, plastic film extruders, coating machines, and more. They are also safe for food and pharmaceutical production.

To make sure our web guides fit into your guiding application, we use SolidWorks 3D Software. This allows us to get the web guide design correct before it goes to manufacturing, assuring proper fit and function, thus reducing possible design flaws. We stock most standard guiding systems, but we can also create custom guiding packages designed to fit your machine. Lead times coincide with guide size and the type of web guide specified.


No Matter What Your Web Guiding Needs, Coast Controls Has the Best System for the Job

Whether it is a steering guide, a displacement guide, or shifting unwind/rewind roll stand, for more than 25 years, industry experts have relied on Coast Controls’ unique All-Air technology for reliable web guiding systems that are accurate, affordable and dependable.

If you have not yet experienced the difference that a low-pressure air-powered web guide can make, browse our products to find the right system for your business.

For questions or more information, call us at (941) 355-7555 or toll-free (800) 513-2345 or email