Features of an All-Air System

  • No electronics, No hydraulics!
  • Operates 100% on low-pressure plant air (3 to 6 psi).
  • Intrinsically explosion-proof.
  • Clean and quiet.
  • Suitable for applications in food and pharmaceutical environments.
    • FGL-1: A H-1 Class, multi-purpose, food machinery lubricant (optional).
  • Air-flow sensing is ideal for paper, foam, foils, textiles – even clear film applications!
  • Simple to operate and easy to install – just mount guide components and connect to plant air.
  • Well-suited for the dustiest and/or dirtiest production areas.
  • No regularly scheduled preventative maintenance to worry about.
  • One controller used for all applications, reducing part obsolescence.
  • All guiding systems backed by an industry-leading 10-Year Guarantee. Just add air!