Retrofit Kits

Designed to replace outdated, failing, obsolete, and expensive control repairs, Retrofit Kits are used to extend the life of your overall pre-existing web guiding system.

These systems include (but are not limited to): Displacement Guides (aka Offset Pivot Web Guides) Steering Guides, Unwinds and Rewinds. All are easily adaptable with Coast Controls All-Air Retrofits. 

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Are you tired of fried circuit boards, burned out motors, leaky hydraulics, obsolete spare parts, shipping your controller to another country for repair, needless downtime, etc?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions then now is the time to replace the old hydraulic or electronic controls on your web guide with Coast’s exclusive All-Air control system:

  1. Does your current web guide control system require routine maintenance?
  2. Are you tired of leaky hydraulics?
  3. Have you had to replace expensive electronic components?
  4. Do you have to carry spare parts?
  5. Do you want to eliminate downtime?

Maybe it is time you did something about it!


Benefits of upgrading to the All-Air system:

  • Accurate — guiding results guaranteed to your satisfaction
  • Dependable — backed by our full 10-Year Warranty and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 
  • No routine maintenance
  • No spare parts required
  • Simple to understand and install — control system attaches directly to the existing guide frame

Retrofit Requirements:

  • The existing guide must be in good mechanical condition and move freely (without bind)
  • The guide must be properly located and installed on a web processing machine
  • It may be necessary to relocate the existing guide to obtain desired guiding results



Basic Types of Retrofit Kits Include:

Pre-Assembled, Complete and Basic (Pictured above; CRPP60 & BRPP50)

Typical retrofit components include:

  • Model 10A Friction-Free Proportional Servo Controller
    • This is the same controller used for over 20-Years
  • Two-Stage Cartridge/Coalescing Filter with Precision Regulator, Pop-Up Indicator and Gauge Assembly
    • 0.5 Micron/0.01 Micron
  • Piston Type Actuator
    • Engineered with 1/2 PSI breakaway 
    • 3 in. to 8 in. bores available in various strokes
  • Raceway Bearing Assembly
    • 3/4-inch diameter bearing shafts up to 1.5-inches for heavier applications
  • Carrier Block and Auto Center Assembly
  • Auto Center Assembly with 3-Way Valve
  • Air Flow "Edge" Sensor
    • Various gaps for different web thicknesses
    • Paddle type feeler sensors also available
  • Model 104 Mounting Bracket and 1-inch Square Bar.
    • Course and Fine adjustments
    • Remote-controlled brackets also available 

Retrofit Video:

Alpine Extruder with Retrofit and Center Guide Assembly

Typical Retrofit Photos:


To find out more about retrofitting the controls on your existing guide with the Coast All-Air control system, complete the RFQ form or
call one of our application engineers at 941-355-7555.

We guarantee that once you have tried the All-Air guiding system, you will agree that it is the best web guide on the market.

What's stopping you?

Coast Control Web Guide systems are not only dependable but extremely accurate. We guarantee it for 10 years!


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