Drop-In Replacements

for Mark Andy Equipment

Coast Controls' adaptable web guides enable simple and easy upgrades to existing machinery, allowing you to experience the next generation of sensing and control technology.

Our Mini & Rigid Displacement Guide series is ideally suited for tight spaces, like Mark Andy equipment.

View the table below for a quick and easy reference to which displacement guide you will need for the various Mark Andy models. Each comes with an actuator, two or more idler roller configurations, and a narrow web guide application.

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Mark Andy
Mark Andy Models Drop-In Web Guides Coast Lead Times
910-7 MDG5-0810-C 1-2 Weeks
DRC1000 MDG4-1208-C 1-2 Weeks
2100-07 MDG5-0910 1-2 Weeks
2100-10 MDG5-1213 1-2 Days
2200-07 MDG5-0910 1-2 Weeks
2200-10 MDG5-1213 1-2 Weeks
4120-10 MDG5-1213 1-2 Weeks
4120-16 MDG5-1813 
or MDGE-1813 (electric web guide)
1-2 Weeks
4150-10 MDG5-1213 1-2 Weeks
4150-16 RDG5-1816 2-3 Weeks
4150-20 RDG5-2420 2-3 Weeks
4200 MDG5-1813 2-3 Weeks
Comco Cadet MDG5-1212 1-2 Weeks
Comco Commander MDG5-1512 1-2 Weeks


Mark Andy Models Retrofits Coast Lead Times
810-7 P30-1 1-2 Days
820-7 P30-1 1-2 Days
830-7 P30-1 1-2 Days
830-10 P30-1 1-2 Days
Arpeco Tracker P50-2-R75-ARPECO 1-2 Days


Mark Andy Models Parts Coast Lead Times
810-7 MCCAMA  (or upgrade to the retrofit) 1-2 Days
820-7 MCCAMA  (or upgrade to the retrofit) 1-2 Days
830-7 MCCAMA  (or upgrade to the retrofit) 1-2 Days
830-10 MCCAMA  (or upgrade to the retrofit) 1-2 Days
DCR1000 MCCAMA  (or upgrade to the web guide) 1-2 Days


 Montalvo’s Narrow Web Press Retrofits

Need to upgrade your tension control on various Narrow Web Presses?

Our friends at Montalvo Corporation, an industry leader in web control, specializing in manufacturing superior web control products and offering complete web control services and support has a solution.

The ability for a press to compete with the latest models on the market comes down to its capabilities. Montalvo has completed press upgrades on nearly every press in the industry, including:

  • Mark Andy
  • Comco
  • Nilpeter
  • Prophiteer
  • AquaFlex
  • Rotoflex
  • Rotopress
  • Webtron
  • …and many more