ST Steering Guide Stacks

Web widths up to 130 inches (3302 mm)

The ST-Steering Guide Stack is ideal for multi-wall bag converting. It features multiple guides with double raceway assemblies including 1-inch diameter race rods and is usually powered by a 5 or 6-inch diameter air cylinder. The guide rollers move laterally on the linear raceway assembly and simultaneously pivot in the same direction to correct the misalignment. No electronics, no hydraulics means no problems. The pre-engineered ST-Steering Guide series is completely assembled on a vertical mounting stand and ready for production. You will need four bold and a high pressure air line to connect to the single manifold that feeds each individual Steering Guide for independent control of each web into the converting process. 

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  • The steering guide must be installed after a long, free-entering web span to prevent wrinkling. A web entry span of at least 2x the maximum web width must be maintained.
  • The pre-entry span must be shorter than the entry span.
  • The preferred exit span should be at least 1/2 to 1x the maximum web width.
  • The air-flow sensor must be securely mounted after the guide's exit roller (within the first 1/3 of the exit span).
  • At least one idler roller must be located between the exit roller and the process (i.e. printing) to avoid guiding directly into a process.

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