SRS2 Rewind

Max load 5,000 pounds (2268 kg)

This cantilevered Shifting Roll Stand (SRS2), with 1.0-inch or 1.5-inch race rods on a dual raceway assembly, accurately unwinds various web widths and can support a load up to 5,000 lbs. (2268 kg). The operator can maintain total control of the web’s tension and alignment into the converting/printing process.

A 6-inch diameter air cylinder with a 4-inch to 12-inch stroke powers the system.

Each system features Montalvo tension control components and a continuous leaf core shaft.

A shifting idler roller is standard with all Unwind Stands to maintain a proper web plane through the sensor.

These compact unwind systems are perfect for:
pharmaceutical  •  medical  •  food packaging  •  label  •  other applications where proper web alignment is crucial

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Max Load 5000 lbs (2268 kgs) - Full roll weight + machine weight on linear bearings
Stroke Length(s) 4 in (102mm) to 12 in (305mm)
Auto Center Option Yes
Sensor Bracket Style 104
Air Consumption (at 6 psi) 1.8 CFM (51 l/m)
Tension Controls Open or Closed Loop
  • At least one fixed idler roller is attached to – and moves in unison with the unwind stand to keep the material on a constant plane through the air-flow sensor as the diameter of the unwinding roll decreases.
  • The air-flow sensor mounts to a stationary part of the machine-independent of the shifting stand and does not move during guiding.
  • Wash Down
  • Dusty, Dirty
  • High Heat
  • Clean Room
  • High Humidity
  • Explosion-Proof

Web Path Configurations

How to Specify

  • Center Guide
  • Stainless Steel Components
  • Remote Sensor Controls

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