Oscillator System Launched by Coast Controls

Published Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sarasota, FL based Coast Controls Inc., announces that they now manufacture a Web Oscillator system which can double as a web guide system capable of oscillating webs up to 150”. Oscillating or “randomizing” is primarily used in the plastic film industry to offset gauge band build up during the windup process. 
Coast’s oscillating unit gives production personnel the option to either edge guide, oscillate, or both at the same time.

The Oscillating unit has up to 3” of total travel and comes with variable speed adjustments. The edge guide is controlled by an All-Air “friction free”, proportional servo controller which operates on low pressure plant air. Coast has manufactured several of these oscillating units for various major plastic film converters within the past year. On another note, Coast also announced that they now manufacture “grooved” rollers which are used in the converting industry to remove air build-up between the roller surface and web material, much like a tire tread is used to remove water. Air entrainment is the term used when a cushion of air forms between the web and roller surface at higher line speeds and causes the web to float. Air entrainment is a serious problem which can cause web misalignment. Coast is capable of producing rollers up to 10” in diameter and 160” face length.