Reasons to Switch to Air Web Guides


Pneumatics are renowned for their dependability, which means less downtime and more production. That's why all of our web guide systems are covered by an unprecedented 10 year warranty.

No Electricity

No electricity or electrical components with the potential to “burn out”, i.e. controllers, motors, switches, circuit boards, etc., hence fewer spare parts needed in your inventory. 

Dust and Dirt Friendly

Our guide systems are not affected by dusty or dirty production environments or operating in high heat or humid areas.

No Maintenance

No regularly scheduled preventative maintenance or lubrication to perform.


One sensor for all materials. It doesn't matter if it's opaque, translucent, reflective or even clear, our air-flow sensor will detect any material that disrupts the signal air stream.

No Explosions!

Our systems are inherently explosion proof right out of the crate.


The Coast systems are extremely simple to install, operate and maintain.  We use the same controller on every system we build. Once you know how to operate one, you know how to operate any type of guiding system we build.