10 Year Warranty

Coast Controls All-Air web guiding systems are 100% guaranteed to perform to our customer’s complete satisfaction when installed as recommended.

All products manufactured by Coast Controls are covered by an unprecedented 10-Year Warranty. This warranty covers only manufacturing defects and does not cover any damage caused by misuse, neglect, accidents, abrasion, water, oil, or normal wear and tear. Coast Controls extends the guarantee to the direct purchaser of the products listed on the packing list. Coast Controls has the right to inspect the product(s) at the facility of the direct purchaser at Coast Control’s sole discretion. If the product(s) have been modified, altered, changed, damaged, misused, repaired, misapplied, or negligently maintained in any manner, then the guarantee is null and void.

If product(s) need to be repaired or replaced, please follow these instructions:

  • Contact Coast Controls technical service department with a brief description of the problem, have the product's serial number (stamped on the right side of the frame), and invoice number from the invoice or packing list ready for identification.
  • If the part/system needs to be replaced, at your request, Coast Controls will promptly ship and invoice a replacement part/system on an exchange basis.
  • After the returned part/system is received, the purchase order/invoice will be credited.
  • If the part/system needs to be repaired, Coast Controls will promptly repair, rebuild or replace the part/system and return it at no charge.
  • Coast Controls supports all systems for a minimum of 10-years. If the required component is unavailable, an equivalent replacement will be furnished at no charge.

Please click here for complete terms and conditions at or contact us toll-free with any questions 1-800-513-2345 or 941-355-7555.