Web widths up to 35 inches (889 mm)

Custom Displacement Guides (CD2) feature a 5 inch (127) actuator and either a two or more roller configuration and are designed for wide web applications up to 35 inches (889). Each guide system is engineered with a 2-point suspension system with offers the ultimate in support and the heavy-duty welded steel tubing offers maximum rigidity. No Electricity! No Electronics! No Hydraulics! The CD2 Series web guides are easy to install and setup.

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Environment Applications
Web Path Configurations
Additional Equipment
Application Gallery
Roll Face 34 in (863.6) to 40 in (1016)
Guide Span 20 in (508) to 30 in (762)
Roller Dia. 3 in (76.2) to 4 in (101.6)

Roller Types:

Standard Aluminum
Optional Grooved, Stainless, Plasma, Cork Tape or Rubber Coated
Piston Thrust (At 6 psi) 1178 lbs
Auto Center Option Yes
Sensor Bracket Style 34 or 104
Maximum Tension 20 PLI
Temperature 32 - 350° F (0 - 66° C)
Air Consumption (At 6 psi) 1.8 CFM (51 l/m)
  • Entry and exit spans must be parallel to each other and perpendicular to the plane of the guide's motion.
  • Web must enter and exit the guide at a 90° angle. Guide span must be approximately 1\2 - 1x’s the maximum web width.
  • The air-flow (edge) sensor must be securely mounted after the guide’s exit roller and within the first one-third of the exit span.
  • At least one idler roller must be located between the exiting guide roller and the process (printing, laminating, etc.).
  • Wash down
  • Dusty Dirty
  • High Heat
  • Clean Room
  • High Humidity
  • Explosion Proof

Web Path Configurations


Guides can be placed in any orientation and sensor can be on either the near side or far side of the web. Dual sensor to center-guide is optional.

How to Specify

  • Center Guide
  • Splice Table
  • Stainless Steel
  • Multiple Stack Units
  • Remote Sensor Controls

Application Gallery

CD2 Roofing Felt

CD2 NonWoven

CD2 W+D 527 Envelope Machine

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