An Overview to Web Guides

An Introduction to Coast Controls’ Revolutionary Web Guides

Coast Controls is a pioneer in the web guiding industry, thanks to our exclusive all-air web guiding system. All of our web guides operate solely on low pressure (3 to 6 psi) plant air—no electricity, electronics, or hydraulics required. Our systems are extremely dependable because there is no worry with electronic components that burn out, plus our system is inherently explosion proof. The all-air web guide system is easy to install and will easily adapt to your current converting machinery. Our all-air systems are simple to install, easy to use and energy efficient. Our customers consistently tell us that our web guiding systems are highly accurate, extremely durable, and failsafe. Read some of our customer reviews here.

The consistent performance of our products has made Coast Controls an integral part of many industries, including plastic bag manufacturers, food and medical packaging companies, envelope and label manufacturers, flexographic printing, and much more.

All of our web guides include a standard two-stage air filter to remove oil, moisture, dust, and other impurities from the air powering the machines. They also come with a 10-year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Four Types of Web Guides Ensure That Your Company Gets Exactly What It Needs

steeringSteering Guides

A steering guide is used in guiding applications having long, free, web spans entering a converting process. Industries that typically use steering guides include blown film extrusion, flexographic printing, envelope manufacturing, or non wovens. We offer four types of low pressure air powered steering guides models designed to accommodate different web widths and applications.


displacementDisplacement Guides

A displacement guide is used to straighten or align webs that have become misaligned during the converting process for whatever reason. These systems use guide rollers to realign the material around a fixed point. Displacement guides correct misaligned material using as little space as possible, and thus, are perfect for businesses and processes that have limited space. We carry several different models of displacement guides designed for various types of web material of different sizes up to 130”.


windingUnwind Guides

Coast Unwind Guides provide accurate edge alignment for unwinding rolls of material at the beginning stage of a converting process. Lateral stand movement is power either by a 6” or 8” diameter air cylinder with a 4” or 6” stroke. This type of guiding was initially developed to replace existing stationary roll stands that would not otherwise lend themselves to automatic guiding applications.

Capable of handling loads up to 5,000 lbs (2268 Kg), these durable stands feature two raceway bases, hardened racerod supports, and carrier blocks with ball bushings or Teflon bushings. Like all Coast web guide systems, our shifting unwind stand consists of a proportional servo controller and air-flow sensor to keep web material moving smoothly, accurately and on a flat plane when a roll is unwinding.


Rewind Guides

SRS2-14 Shifting Roll Stand, RewindA rewind guide is somewhat similar to the Unwind guide but is designed to evenly wind rolls of web material using a laterally shifting roll stand, powered by either a 6” or 8” air cylinder. An air flow sensor detects the web’s edge for misalignment, sending a signal back to the servo controller which in turn sends a signal to activate the pneumatic actuator, thus shifting the roll stand to the proper aligned position. We are able to retrofit existing electric or hydraulic rewind stands with our low pressure air powered systems.

Steering guides, displacement guides, unwind guides, and rewind guides are each suited to different web applications. If you are not sure which web guide is best suited for your business, we are happy to help you. Visit our How to Specify page for some guidelines in choosing a web guide or talk to one of our associates.

Need Help Determining Which Web Guiding System You Need? Call Coast Controls, and We’ll Talk You Through It

No matter what type of converting equipment you are looking for, whether it is a steering guide, a displacement guide, a slitter machine, or some other web guiding system, for more than 20 years, industry experts have relied on Coast Controls’ unique All-Air technology for reliable web guiding systems that are affordable, require little maintenance, are energy efficient, and provide a safe workplace. If you have not yet experienced the difference that a low pressure air-powered web guide can make, browse our products to find the right system for your business. For questions or more information, call us at 941.355.7555 or toll-free 800-513-2345 or email