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Coast Controls makes 3 types of rollers for your machines: Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel. Each type of roller comes in a number of coatings which allows us to make a specific roller for your need. Below you'll find helpful information about our rollers. You can also give us a call to discuss your idler roller needs: 941-355-7555

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Since our founding in 1992, we have been manufacturing high quality idler rollers, selling them individually and as part of our innovative all-air web guide systems. Our idler rollers are made of various materials and are designed to fit specified web guiding applications. No matter what type of roller you are looking for, you are sure to find a high quality, precision made, idler roller in our stock that is the perfect fit for your industry and application. All of our idler rollers are dynamically balanced according to your specifications.

When you order an idler roller from Coast Controls, you are getting a product that you can rely on for years to come. We offer the same 100% satisfaction guarantee that we have placed on our web guiding systems for the past 20 years. Most of our idler rollers will be delivered within one to two weeks.



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No matter what type of web guiding equipment you are looking for, whether it is a steering guide, a displacement guide or shifting unwind/rewind guide, for more than 20 years, industry experts have relied on Coast Controls’ unique All-Air technology for reliable web guiding systems that are accurate, affordable and dependable. If you have not yet experienced the difference that a low pressure air-powered web guide can make, browse our products to find the right system for your business. For questions or more information, call us at 941.355.7555 or toll-free 800-513-2345 or email


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