Perfect web guiding is simple — just add air!

Coast Controls Offers the World’s Only All-Air Web Guide Systems

Since 1992, Coast Controls has been a pioneer in the converting industry by offering the world’s only All-Air web guiding systems. Our web guides operate exclusively on low pressure plant air without the use of electricity, electronics, or hydraulics. They are easy to install and operate and are compatible with virtually all converting machines. Our guiding systems are much less expensive than other electronic or hydraulic models and last much longer, especially in dusty or dirty conditions. Because our guide’s normal operating pressure is around 5 to 6 psi, and has very few moving parts, there is little wear and tear on the machines. If you are looking for an affordable, accurate and dependable web guiding system for your business, look no further than Coast Controls. With our unparalleled 10-year warranty and satisfaction guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.

Coast Controls Offers a Wide Range of Web Guides to Meet Every Converting Industry Need

We offer four types of affordable web guiding systems. Our steering guide, displacement guide, shifting unwind and rewind guides come in a range of sizes so that they can handle all types of web guide applications, including food and pharmaceutical packaging, envelope and label manufacturing, flexographic printing, and much more. Our systems can be easily adapted to virtually any existing converting machine or process, so when you order from Coast Controls, you will have a newly engineered and affordable web guiding system that is perfectly suited to your application.

Whether you are a label manufacturer or an envelope manufacturer, you will find our pneumatic web guiding systems are reliable and accurate for your business. Our edge guides are an integral part of many other converting industries, including tire and rubber manufacturing, narrow web converting and printing, flexible packaging, blown film extrusion and many more. Whether you are working on a smaller or larger scale guiding application, each web guide comes with a two-stage air filter to remove water, oil and other impurities from the service air that powers the system, as well as all the other necessary components to complete the task of guiding for the specified application.

Other optional features offered on our All-Air web guiding systems, include oscillation, NEMA box controller enclosures, custom mounting stands, center guide assemblies, remote sensors, automatic air shut off, and more.

Coast Controls’ Idler Rollers Are Durable and Suited for All Applications

Along with our innovative type of web guiding system, we offer a line of precision and affordable, long lasting guide rollers that can be purchased separately or as part of a guiding system. We have three types of rollers that we offer, ranging in diameters from 1.5” to 10” in diameter. Our aluminum idler roller, steel roller, and stainless steel roller can each be customized with cantilevered supports, surface grooves, rubber cork tape, plasma, and rubber coatings, bearings inserts or hard coat anodizing. Most guide rollers will be delivered within 1 to 2 weeks, and we offer the same 100% satisfaction guarantee with our rollers that we offer on our web guiding systems.

No Matter What Your Web Guiding Needs, Coast Controls Has the Best System for the Job

No matter what type of web guiding equipment you are looking for, whether it is a steering guide, a displacement guide or shifting unwind/rewind guide, for more than 20 years, industry experts have relied on Coast Controls’ unique All-Air technology for reliable web guiding systems that are accurate, affordable and dependable. If you have not yet experienced the difference that a low pressure air-powered web guide can make, browse our products to find the right system for your business. For questions or more information, call us at 941.355.7555 or toll-free 800-513-2345 or email